Why EVERYONE Is Hanging Out in Frontierland Today

By admin Jan 26, 2024

Frontierland is BUSY today, and for very good reason!


If you’ve been in Magic Kingdom today and noticed some heavier-than-usual crowds, you might be wondering what the heck is going on on a random Thursday in January. Don’t worry — we can fill you in!

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When we arrived at the Transportation and Ticket Center on our way to Magic Kingdom this morning, we noticed a pretty long line for the Monorail. That’s usually a sign that the park is going to be especially busy!

Long line

Sure enough, we the crowds just got bigger as we made our way to the park.


They got especially bad when we made our way to Frontierland! So what’s going on here? Frontierland is the home of the Country Bear Jamboree attraction, and that show is scheduled to CLOSE in just a couple of days! Starting on January 27th, the show will be closed and Disney will update it completely with “an all-new act.” Many of the people coming to Magic Kingdom today were hoping to visit the attraction one more time before it’s replaced!

Country Bear Jamboree

We noticed some crowds outside the attraction, and once we got inside, there was a crowd waiting for the next show. The theater was very full, and it looked like it would be for most of the shows today!

Crowds Inside

This show is a classic Magic Kingdom attraction, but it isn’t usually quite this busy. Still, the wait time was pretty low when we checked on the app! Since it’s just a 16-minute show, Disney is able to get the crowds in and out pretty quickly.

Wait Times

The crowds hoping to watch Country Bear Jamboree affected other parts of Frontierland as well. At Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café, the Cast Members were directing guests to enter the restaurant through the side walkways instead of the doors by Country Bear Jamboree because the lines at the cash registers were so long.

Side entrance to Pecos Bill

Country Bear Jamboree is closing on January 27th and will reopen later this summer with “an all-new act.” The bears are going to be singing Disney songs in NEW styles, like pop country, rockabilly, and bluegrass!


The new show will include easter eggs throughout that nod to the previous show, and the bears will be singing new, reinterpreted Disney songs in various country music genres. The updated show will be a take on the classic variety shows found in Nashville, Tennessee, and Nashville musicians are involved in the new arrangements. We do know we’ll be seeing a new version of “Bare Necessities in a rockabilly style!


A Disney Imagineer has said, “The music is going to be amazing, and the show will still have the fun and friendly tone that we all love about the Country Bears.”

Country Bear Jamboree

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Did you visit Magic Kingdom to watch Country Bear Jamboree today? Let us know in the comments!

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