Pre-register For Ex Astris Now As It’s Set To Drop On Android Next Month

By admin Jan 26, 2024
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Ever since this game was announced back in 2021, there has been quite a hype about it. And now, it’s finally going to drop soon. I am talking about GRYPHLINE’s upcoming premium 3D RPG, Ex Astris. The title’s all set to drop on February 27th for mobile devices. You can pre-register for Ex Astris now.

Priced at $9.99, it’s is a play-to-win game. It’s the creation of GRYPHLINE and Hypergryph Network Technology’s Nous Wave Studio. You probably know GRYPHLINE from their hit title, Arknights, the tactical RPG. You can pre-register for Ex Astris on the Google Play for Android. Want to take a sneak peek into the game? Check it out here!

What’s Ex Astris About?

 It’s a 3D Sci-Fi adventure RPG and has a mix of real-time and turn-based action. Ex Astris takes you to a planet that’s stuck facing one way all the time. There, you play as an investigator from Earth trying to figure out the lay of the land.

The planet’s got a growing Xeno civilization and lets you make friends and solve mysteries along the way. The sun never sets there, so it’s like a never-ending day. It has two halves separated by massive storms with a circular shape. You’ll find all sorts of weird creatures and beings that are oddly human-like on the planet.

The combat system lets you pull off moves like blocking, parrying and chaining combos. You also get customizable skills to tackle different enemies. You can pick your squad from a pool of six characters, and you can play with three at a time. Ex Astris supports cross-platform saves, so don’t worry about your progress getting lost!

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