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In the brutal world of Vampire Survivors, your choice of weapon is key. If you want to wield holy might against the unholy hordes, then read on to learn how to evolve the Cross in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors is a top-down auto-fighter that popularized the ‘Survivor’ sub-genre. It tasks you with surviving for 30 minutes against an ever-escalating horde of pixelated foes. There are many weapons to choose from to help you do so, and while the Cross isn’t the most impressive of them initially, it gets much better when evolved later. This guide will teach you how to get the most out of this iconic weapon.

Vampire Survivors is available on Google Play, the Apple Store, Steam, Xbox, and Switch. For more in the Survivor sub-genre, check out our Soulstone Survivors Tier List.

How To Evolve The Cross In Vampire Survivors

A screenshot from Vampire Survivors showing the player receiving the Heaven Sword in a chest.

To evolve the Cross, you’ll need to complete a few simple steps. First of all, you’ll need to unlock it, which you can do by collecting a Rosary item at any stage. You can get these as random drops from light sources.

Next, you’ll need to unlock the Clover passive item. You can do this through a similar process, by finding a Little Clover item in a stage. These also drop from light sources, so try and destroy as many as possible to unlock both of these items quickly.

Once you’ve got both of the above unlocked, you’ll need to collect both in the same run. Each time you level up you’ll be given a choice of random weapons and items to choose from, so pick both the Cross and the Clover when you see them.

To evolve the Cross in Vampire Survivors, you’ll need to raise it to its maximum level of 8. You can do this by investing levels in it as you level up. Once this is done, and you have the Clover, you’ll have a chance to evolve it into the Heaven Sword whenever you open a chest. Note that, in some stages, this can only occur after a certain amount of time has passed, usually 10 minutes.

What Does The Heaven Sword Do?

Now that you’ve got your hands on a shiny new Heaven Sword, what can it do for you? Similar to the Cross, it launches projectiles at nearby enemies. Compared to the Cross, however, it has much higher speed, damage, and knockback, as well as a high critical hit rate to boot. It’s a dangerous weapon that’s well worth the effort to obtain.

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