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Looking for a list of A One Piece Game swords? Or maybe you’re wondering where to obtain them from. Some require a lot of resource farming and others are dropped by repeatedly defeating bosses. Either way, trying to obtain certain swords is a time commitment, so it’s best to be prepared beforehand!

A One Piece Game is exactly what it sounds like! It’s a Roblox game based on the One Piece franchise. Sail across the seas to collect a bounty of treasure, which you can trade for upgraded gear! The better your gear, the stronger you are, which means you can start to battle against the challenging bosses to be in with a chance of obtaining rare items and weapons.

To learn more about A One Piece Game, visit the official Roblox page. Don’t miss out on the freebies, so check out our A One Piece Game codes guide! Plus, we’ve got an A One Piece Game tier list that ranks all obtainable fruit.

A One Piece Game Swords

Let’s take a look at all of the obtainable swords in the game, as well as how to get them! Take note that some of these swords are only available for a limited-time during yearly events.

Beast Hammer

  • Dropped by the Sea Beast in the Second Sea
  • 5% drop rate chance

1 Sword Style / Suzaku

  • Purchase from Zoro in Shells Town – costs 100K

2 Sword Style / Suzaku and Kitetsu

  • Purchase from Zoro in Shells Town – costs 700k

3 Sword Style / Suzaku, Kitetsu, and Mugenjin]

  • Purchased from Zoro in Shells Town – costs 5M

Thunder Pole

  • Dropped by Enel the Thunder God in Skypiea
  • 5% drop rate chance


  • Dropped by Law in the Law Raid
  • 1% drop rate chance

Ex-Admin Blades

  • Drops from Whitebeard in the Maze
  • 3% drop rate chance


  • Dropped by Whitebeard in Marine Ford
  • 5% drop rate chance

Flame Pipe

  • Dropped by Sabo in the Revolutionary Base
  • 0.5% drop rate chance
  • Can also be obtained by purchasing the gamepass

True Santoryu

  • Purchased from Zoro in Second Sea Wano – costs 1 billion


  • Dropped by Katakuri in the Candy Raid and in Phoenix Nest
  • 1% drop rate chance


  • Dropped by Fujitora in the Fujitora Raid in Logue Town
  • 1% drop rate chance

Outlaw Scythe

  • Drops from the Outlaw General: Inei on the Outlaw Isle
  • 1% drop rate chance


  • Dropped by the Zangetsu boss in Multiverse Sea Hueco Mundo
  • 5% drop rate chance

Emperor Gryphon

  • Interact with the Emperor’s trainer
    • You need 1 Pongelgyph, 25K Gems, and a Gryphon


  • Drops from Big Mom in the Big Mom raid
  • 1% drop rate chance

Hundred Million Blade

  • Cannot be obtained in the game right now!


  • Dropped by Smoke on Ice Island
  • 5% drop rate chance

Jigoku Santoryu

  • Interact with the Jigoku Trainer at the Flying Onigashima
    • You need 28K Gems, a True Santoryu, and a 5.4K Sword Stat

Kyoka Suigetsu

  • Dropped by Aizen
  • 2% drop rate chance


  • Dropped by Mihawk in the Mihawk raid
  • 5% drop rate chance

Kaidos Club

  • Dropped by Kaiso in Wano
  • 1% drop rate chance

Easter Edge

  • Dropped by the Easter Bunny boss in the Easter Raid (only available during the Easter event!)
  • 3% drop rate chance


  • Dropped by the Headless Horseman on Halloween Island (only available during the yearly Halloween event)
  • 1% drop rate chance

New Years Parade

  • Purchased during the Christmas event for 4K tokens

Yule Tide Reaper

  • Costs 5K tokens in the Christmas event

Frostbite Fury

  • Purchased during the Christmas event for a total of 3K tokens

Turkey Staff

  • Purchased from the Dealer Merchant on Ice Island in the First Sea during the Thanksgiving event

Anniversary Blade

  • Dropped when the Boss Awakened has been defeated


  • Dropped by Shanks in the Shanks Raid
  • 1% drop rate chance

Pirate Kings Sword

  • Obtained from Gold D Roger
    • You need 4 Poneglyphs, 7K Sword Stat, every Haki, 50K Gems, and the King of the Pirates title
    • You also need to beat the Kraken boss, Big Mom boss and the Shanks boss 2 times per boss

Oden Blades

  • Dropped by Oden in Wano
  • 1% drop rate chance

Oden Blades V2

  • Head to Wano Maze to get the Ame no Habakiri and the Enma, give the Oden Blades V1 and the other 2 items to Tengu in Wano
    • You also need to give them 8K Sword Sat, 2 Trillion Beli, and 30K gems in total
    • You then need to get the Kozuki Clan Scroll, which is dropped by mobs in the Maze and by Oden

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