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Looking for Peroxide Crystals? They’re special items that can be used for a variety of enchantments, but how can you obtain them? Well, you’ll find all the answers to your questions down below!

Peroxide is a Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from the hit anime series, Bleach. You play as a Hollow, Soul Reaper, or Quincy, and have to improve your power by training and battling opponents. There are a variety of abilities that you can unlock too, as you strive to become the most powerful character in the server.

For more information about Peroxide, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also have a Peroxide map guide, Peroxide Resurrection tier list, and a Peroxide Accessories guide.

Peroxide Crystals Guide

Now, let’s take a deep dive into what crystals are in Peroxide!

What Are Crystals?

In Peroxide, Crystals are rare items that provide special buffs for your character. They can be used to enchant your skills, but you can only use one Crystal at a time. This means that you’ll have to choose wisely when it comes to selecting the best Crystal for you. You can change your equipped Crystal, however, this will destroy it once it has been swapped out.

How to Obtain Crystals in Peroxide

You can obtain Crystals by giving 10 Time Relics to the Shady Shinigami in the ASRs Cafe in Karakura Town. In return, he will give you a random Crystal.

Common Crystals – 80%

  • Crystal of Wind
    • Wind dash
    • Perfect dodge frames
  • Crystal of Shadow
    • Darkens the screen of your enemy
    • Your enemy will deal 5% less damage
  • Crystal of Spirit
    • Halves the cost of Reiatsu
    • Removes Anti-Reiatsu regen debuff
  • Crystal of Inferno
    • Adds burn damage to moves
  • Crystal of Force
  • Crystal of Artificiality
    • Increases PvE damage by 20%

Rare Crystals – 18%

  • Crystal of Ichor
    • Grants lifesteal to a move
  • Crystal of Exponentiality
    • Increases the timeframe between the hit and damage dealt
    • Increases damage dealt by 30%
  • Crystal of Aegis
    • Grants hyper armor that protects you for one hit (doesn’t protect your from a Counter or Guard Break)
  • Crystal of Clutch
    • Pulls an enemy towards the user
  • Crystal of Prodigy
    • Enhances the Mastery of the used skill
  • Crystal of Degression
    • Adds a mark to your enemy which devolves their moves and removes their Crystals
  • Crystal of Chains
    • Chains two or more enemies together
    • Deals damage to all enemies
  • Crystal of Creep
    • Take the Reiatsu of your enemy
  • Crystal of Reap
    • Disables all healing abilities for your enemy (they can still use Health Packs)
  • Crystal of Glass
    • Block Breakers deal the same amount of damage as a Block Break

Legendary Crystals – 2%

  • Crystal of Terra
    • Creates a wall behind the enemy
    • Enemy gets pushed into the wall, dealing increased damage
  • Crystal of Despair
    • A dark aura surrounds the enemy and prevents them from using an Extender ability
  • Crystal of Null
    • Increases damage dealt for a period of time, but heavily reduces damage dealt afterwards for a short while
  • Crystal of Conduction
    • Adds lightning to the Downslam move

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