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Curious about the stern doctor? Use this Love and Deepspace Zayne profile guide to learn more about how he works in battle, who he is, and what to expect from the character as you progress through the game.

While you can go on sickeningly cute dates, it’s not all fun and games. You’re all destined to fight against dangerous aliens that threaten the peace of humanity – it is a sci-fi ARPG, after all! Still, it’s the time between each battle that grants you the opportunity to get to know each of them more and more.

For more information about Love and Deepspace, you can visit the game’s official website. We’ve also got a Love and Deepspace Xavier profile guide, a Love and Deepspace Characters guide, and a Love and Deepspace Rafayel profile guide!

Love and Deepspace Zayne Profile

Let’s learn more about the childhood friend!

The Basics

  • Age: 27
  • Height: 6’1
  • Birthday: September 5th
  • Evol: Ice
  • Job: Cardiac Surgeon
  • Workplace: Akso Hospital
  • Star Sign: Virgo

To unlock his Special Color outfit, you’ll need to complete the Deepspace Trial, Directional Orbit: Ice Stage 20!

His Personality

Firstly, it’s important to note that Zayne is your childhood friend – making it a little more familiar when your character interacts with him. He’s now a successful surgeon who is extremely smart, but you still remember him as the quiet kid in class.

He’s got quite a serious personality, but he’s certainly got a soft side. He cares deeply about his patients, including you, but he’s a stickler for time management.

In Battle

Zayne is a support/healer character, tying in with his career! He’s useful for the more difficult battles, including the all-important boss fights.


  • Healing Rime
    • Support skill
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • He summons the rime where you stand, which heals you and deals AoE damage to the surrounding enemies
    • When this skill is empowered, it will also freeze nearby enemies
  • Icy Bolt
    • Resonance skill
    • Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • Cost: 2
    • When your Evol works alongside Zayne’s Evol, the Winter’s Bow will appear and will attack enemies. The first arrow will explode, which then deals AoE damage whilst freezing them at the same time
    • Zayne can then teleport to the enemy while dealing even more AoE damage and Protocore damage
  • Hoarfrost Saber
    • Ardent Oath
    • The Evolfield produced by Zayne will summon multiple shards of ice that attack enemies
    • You are able to use the Winter’s Bow to fire frosty arrows
  • Verglas
    • Passive skill
    • Attacking enemies who are Frozen will deal an additional 20% more damage

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