Dreamster World, A Pokemon Go-Style RPG, Drops Into Early Access In Selected Regions!

By admin Jan 24, 2024

I think this one’s about to give Pokemon a real complex. Dreamster World, a rad new RPG by indie developer Yiqiao Wang, is all things cute and fantasy. It’s now up for early access on Android exclusively in select regions. Want to know more about it? Keep reading!

Where Is It Available?

If you’re in the US, Canada, or the Philippines, you can dive into the Dreamster World.  It’s a massive online realm jam-packed with adventure and challenges. The adorable critters are called Dreamio (suits them quite well!). Your job is to hunt as many of them as you can just like Pokemon Go.

So, first and foremost, you need to become a Dreamio trainer. Then, explore the fantastical dream world and capture those cuties, train them up and be the ultimate champion by using their cool abilities in battles. Now, what makes Dreamio so special? Well, each has its own personality and packs some seriously awesome skills.

You get a remote island where you can compete with 19 other global players for glory. Wander through this dreamy world, strengthen your Dreamio squad, beat opponents, and snag those shiny medals. The one with the most bling at the end claims the title of champion!

Jumping In To Hunt Dreamio?

Thanks to the adorable art style, the game is and overload of cuteness and fun. Dreamster World offers casual competition, strategic gameplay, and the delightful charm of the Dreamio. So, if you’re in the US, Canada, and the Philippines, grab it on Android now from the Google Play Store.

There no official word on when  Dreamster World  might hit the rest of the world, but we’ll surely let you know as soon as we get the scoop! Before you leave, check our latest news on an epic collab: Gather Up For The Mobile Legends Bang Bang x Attack On Titan Crossover!

By admin

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