Which Blox Fruits Codes Reset Stats?

By admin Jan 23, 2024
Feature image for our guide on which blox fruits codes reset stats. It shows a player character flying across the First Sea at night with the Smoke Bomber technique.

Want to start anew? Want to wash away your past mistakes and start fresh? There are ways to do that in Blox Fruits. Our guide sets out to trawl through the available codes to find you which Blox Fruits codes reset stats.

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game that sets you loose in a world much like that of the hit anime One Piece. You can become a pirate or a marine, and set out into the world with your own ship and crew. Don’t forget to upgrade your stats, you’re definitely going to need them with all of the enemies and monsters out there.

Check out the Roblox page for more info! If you’re scouting around for more codes, check out our Reverse 1999 codes, Radiant Residents codes, and Phantom Blade Executioners codes.

Which Blox Fruits Codes Reset Stats?

Here we list any codes we find. We try to only include codes that are valid rather than listing old and expired codes that aren’t helpful. So naturally, don’t be surprised if codes disappear from time to time.

  • Sub2UncleKizare

How To Redeem The Codes

Here are the steps to collect your prizes using the codes above.

  • Open Blox Fruits.
  • On the left of your screen, look for a tiny icon resembling a gift above your compass. Tap it to open the codes window.
  • Type in the codes into the blue text box in the new window, marked ‘Enter Codes Here’.
  • Hit the yellow button marked ‘Redeem’.

Where To Get More Codes

The easiest way to get new codes is… checking this guide! We’ll try and save you the work and keep this up to date. So feel free to bookmark the guide and check back from time to time.

You can check the official Discord. Devs often put codes on their social media accounts to encourage you to follow, so these are a good place to look. Though last we checked, the Blox Fruits Discord was completely full. Now that’s popularity!

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