‘Ponpu’ and ‘Yuppie Psycho’ Now Available on Crunchyroll Game Vault on iOS and Android, Developer Portal Announced for Creators

Today, Crunchyroll added two games to its Crunchyroll Game Vault including Purple Tree Studio’s Ponpu which was actually on mobile before and Yuppie Psycho [appprice url=””https://apps.apple.com/us/app/yuppie-psycho/id6471398544] which sees its mobile debut through Crunchyroll on iOS and Android. Both games were on my radar before I eventually bought them on Steam for their aesthetic, but I gravitated to Yuppie Psycho because it has music from garoad who did one of my favorite soundtracks of all time in Va-11 Hall-A. Both games are available for Crunchyroll Mega and Ultimate Fan members right now at no additional cost. Watch the new Ponpu and Yuppie Psycho Crunchyroll trailers below:

In addition to both games, Crunchyroll also announced the Developer Portal letting studios directly work with the team to join the library in the Crunchyroll Game Vault. The announcement of this mentions making things easier for creators all over the world so I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of this new initiative. I’d love to see more games from Japan debut on mobile through this service if they were never planned for mobile in the first place. You can currently grab Ponpu here and Yuppie Psycho here on the App Store. All the games on Android are here. What do you think of the Crunchyroll Game Vault if you’ve tried it and what games would you like to see them bring to mobile?

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