Love and Deepspace Characters – Meet The Husbandos!

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Curious about each of the men you can pair with within Love and Deepspace? Our Love and Deepspace Characters guide will introduce you to each guy in a speed-dating style so you can pick your suiter! Unless you select based on looks in which case, what are you still doing here?

Love and Deepspace is a first-person dating sim and RPG fighting game. You meet the man of your dreams, build connections, and guide one another in immersive 3D battles. When you’re not fighting off sci-fi horrors you and your husbando can get to know one another better through conversation and stunning cut scenes.

You can check out Love and Deepspace over on the Play Store! If you’re a fan of games that make you fall in love with the characters then check out our Echocalypse Tier List too!

Love and Deepspace Characters

Choose your fighter… er I mean, Husbando! Well.. maybe it’s a bit of both.

Naturally, you’ll learn more about your chosen companion as the game progresses, but having to choose in the early stages is hard! Especially since you can only fall in love with one of the three men. (Or so we are led to believe!). You do get to spend time with all three of them, but the man you pursue will be your right hand in combat and the star of the important lore-rich cut scenes.


“My light only shines over you.”

Xavier is the only blonde out of the three, and there is a sense of mystery to him. Maybe it adds to his charm. An enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a hoodie.

  • Age: Unknown (Though in his character introduction video, he does say it is his 214th spring on Earth, and his last!)
  • Job: Deepspace Hunter
  • Evol: Light
  • Voiced By: Shen Xinghui [CN DUB], Yasuke Kobayashi [JP DUB], Unconfirmed [English Dub]
the image shows xavier from love and deepspace sat at his desk with a blurred bookshelf behind him


“I’ve lived in a never-ending Winter long enough. If you come closer, then…”

Zayne is (my personal pick) ironically the cardiac surgeon who will steal your heart. Though his own heart may be cold as ice… Would you give him a frosty reception?

  • Age: 27
  • Job: Cardiac Surgeon
  • Evol: Ice
  • Voiced By: Li Shen [CN DUB], Sato Takuya [JP DUB], Unconfirmed [English Dub]
the image shows zayne from love and deepspace with the game logo to the right of him. He has a stern expression and is entering into the room through a dark wooden door


Do you really think an inferno underneath the waves can’t be turbulent?”

Don’t let his fiery Evol fool you, Rafayel is actually pretty chill. An avid painter and easygoing guy, though to him you’re the real masterpiece.

  • Age: 24
  • Job: Artist
  • Evol: Fire
  • Voiced By: Qi Yu [CN DUB], Shinnosuke Tachibana [JP DUB], Unconfirmed [English Dub]
the image shows rafayel from love and deepspace near a window sketching. He looks to be looking at the viewer as if he is drawing them.

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