How To Get Soft And Wet Go Beyond YBA Guide

By admin Jan 23, 2024
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Want Soft And Wet to get… softer and wetter? Well, you’re in the right place as our guide talks you through how to get Soft And Wet Go Beyond YBA. You’ll soon have a fancy new evolved Stand, with a little help from Jesus. No really, I’m not even joking around. You need to talk to Jesus.

YBA is a game on Roblox that puts you in the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. You’ll be meeting familiar characters, doing quests, and even getting a Stand of your very own. Be careful though, you’re not the only Stand user in town, and other players might be itching for a fight.

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How To Get Get Soft And Wet Go Beyond YBA Guide

So here we’ll cover everything you need to get started to grab Get Soft And Wet Go Beyond, and then how to acquire it for yourself.

Everything You Need To Get Started

Before you can acquire Get Soft And Wet Go Beyond, you need the following things.

  • The Stand Soft And Wet
  • The Stand Killer Queen
  • A Rokakaka Fruit
    • These spawn randomly around town.
  • The Spin fighting style.
    • Acquired by trading $10,000 and a Steel Ball to the Gyro NPC in the Pizzeria.

How To Get Soft And Wet Go Beyond.

Once you have the items, follow the steps below.

  • Find the NPC ‘Jesus’. He may appear at various locations on the map.
  • Speak to Jesus with Soft And Went.
  • Equip the Spin style and speak to Jesus again, he will remove your Soft And Wet Stand temporarily.
  • Equip the Stand Killer Queen, and hold the Rokakaka Fruit in your hand, then speak to Jesus again, tell him that you’ve got it.
  • Cue the fancy effects, and you’ll have a newly-ascended Stand! Nice!

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