Genshin Impact Verison 4.4 Release Is Coming!

By admin Jan 23, 2024

Hey there, fellow travelers! Grab your gliders and get ready for some exciting news from the HoYoverse. Genshin Impact is back with a bang, unveiling its plans for version 4.4, titled “Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze.” 

If you thought the Fontinalia Festival was a blast, buckle up because the Lantern Rite Festival is making a grand return to Liyue. But that’s not all – brace yourselves for the unveiling of a brand-new region, Chenyu Vale, just northwest of Liyue.

Lantern Rite Festival 2024: Kites, Minigames, and More!

This time, it’s all about kites, prosperity, and many exciting activities. From new minigames to events and redeemable items, the festival promises a vibrant experience.

Keep an eye out for a fresh outfit for Xingqui and discounted costumes for Ganyu and Shenhe. And here’s the cherry on top – players can score up to 13 Intertwined Fate and two Fragile Resin just by diving into the festivities. So, gear up for some high-flying fun in Liyue!

Chenyu Vale: Liyue’s Stunning Expansion

But that’s not the only thing on the horizon. Version 4.4 introduces Chenyu Vale, Liyue’s newest expansion, offering breathtaking landscapes and mysterious tales. 

However, there’s a catch – a significant portion of Chenyu Vale is off-limits to regular folks. Only those blessed by the adepti can transform into a special carp and embark on a sky-soaring adventure. Encounter legendary beasts, including the formidable Solitary Suanni, a boss you wouldn’t want to miss.

New Characters and Banner Details

As if that’s not enough, version 4.4 introduces two new playable characters – Xianyun, the human form of an Adeptus, and Gaming, a young Wushou dancer. The best part? You won’t have to wait for the second half of the update to unlock them. 

Dive into the first phase of event wishes and welcome these fresh faces to your roster. Now, mark your calendars because Genshin Impact version 4.4 is set to drop on January 31st. 

Genshin Impact 4.4 Banners and Events

Get ready to dive into the Lantern Rite Festival, explore the enchanting Chenyu Vale, and discover the unique abilities of newcomers Xianyun and Gaming, featured in the upcoming banners.

Speaking of banners, there are two phases to watch, each showcasing a mix of familiar faces and fresh additions. The two phases, with each one, are a mix of fresh and familiar faces. Phase 1 puts the spotlight on Xianyun and Gaming, while Phase 2 brings back the much-loved Xiao and Yae Miko. And here’s a tip: be on the lookout for those free Liyue characters during the Lantern Rite Festival. For further updates, keep track of Genshin Impact’s official Twitter!

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