House Flipper devs promise two big content drops and more DLC still on the way for first game

By admin Jan 22, 2024

The developers of House Flipper have promised that support and new content for the hit renovation sim will continue to land throughout 2024 alongside plans for its newly-released sequel. On the list are two ‘major’ bits of content, along with bug fixes and what looks to be the tease of a restaurant-themed DLC.

House Flipper turns the grand old age of six this May. House Flipper 2 dropped a direct sequel with updated visuals and other quality-of-life improvements last month, but with clear work still to be done as developers Frozen District and Empyrean recently outlined plans to add features missing from the first game – including before-and-after comparisons and curtains and blinds as decorations – while squishing nasty save bugs.

While development happens on House Flipper 2, the devs have assured that the original House Flipper won’t be forgotten for those yet to make the leap over to the new game.

“For the majority of 2023, we’ve been focused purely on making sure House Flipper 2 arrives on time,” the studios acknowledged in a Steam blog. “We managed to do that and we’re extremely glad and excited, but we understand that with the gaming experience changes that House Flipper 2 brought, some of you still prefer the first part, and that’s something we’re taking into consideration regarding planning our future development efforts.”

Metal sinks and counters in what looks like an industrial kitchen in a tease for future House Flipper DLC
Image credit: Frozen District/Empyrean

Those efforts will include ongoing bug fixes in an ongoing series of smaller hotfixes, along with “at least 2 free major content updates” yet to be detailed or dated.

The devs confirmed that more DLC would also be headed to the game alongside the free additions. A series of teaser images seems to indicate some kind of restaurant-themed expansion, showing off an industrial kitchen, a variety of kitchen appliances, tablecloths and concept art for a character. Finally, that House Flipper X The Bear crossover we’ve all been hungry for!

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