Grab a 45-inch 5120×1440 200Hz LG monitor for $150 off

By admin Jan 22, 2024

Double-wide 32:9 gaming monitors are becoming increasingly affordable, which is brilliant for anyone that prefers an ultra-wide aspect ratio but doesn’t want to deal with the relatively limited desktop real estate of your standard 21:9 ultrawide.

Right now you can pick up LG’s 45-inch 45GR65DC, which essentially combines two 24-inch 1440p 200Hz screens into a single titanic panel, for just $550 – rather than the usual $700. That $150 discount turns this into a great alternative to a traditional two monitor setup, letting you have tons of space for getting work done as well as a super-immersive ultrawide gaming experience – just lovely.

Now that we’ve covered the major spec points, let’s take a closer look at what LG is offering here. First of all, this monitor delivers a genuinely good HDR experience, backed up with a DisplayHDR 600 rating that shows the monitor can get sufficiently bright enough to deliver convincing HDR highlights. The monitor lacks more advanced full-array local dimming tech, but the curved VA panel here still punches for an impressive 3000:1 contrast regardless. It also hits 95 percent of the DCI P3 colour space and 100% of the smaller sRGB gamut.

Second, you can actually mount this display onto a monitor arm for a more easily moveable, clear desktop look. The monitor weighs a little under 14 pounds, so even this $34 North Bayou gas spring monitor arm would be strong enough to take the weight – and of course, monitor arms from different brands and in different designs and colours are also available.

Third, this LG monitor is FreeSync, G-Sync Compatible and Adapative Sync certified, so it supports VRR on PCs with all sorts of video cards and on consoles as well. I wouldn’t recommend choosing this specifically for console gaming – as Xbox Series X/S and PS5 don’t support anything wider than the standard 16:9, and certainly not 32:9 – but you could use one half of the display as a 1440p monitor for a console and the other half as a 1440p monitor for PC – or two consoles, or two PCs, as you prefer.

All in all, this is a pretty sweet super-ultrawide gaming monitor for the money and well worth considering at this reduced price!

By admin

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