Moonlighter devs’ upcoming bricky tower defence game has a demo out right now

We’ve known about Moonlighter devs’ upcoming RTS tower defence hybrid Cataclismo for a little while now. But now we know a couple more things. It’s set to release in Q2 of this year, and there’s a demo on Steam right now if you’d like to give it a try. Expect to make nice fortresses out of Lego-style bricks, then defend them from hordes of horrors. I’d say that’s a recipe for a good time.

In case you weren’t familiar with it, Cataclismo is the first self-published game by Digital Sun, the folks behind action RPG Moonlighter. Instead of shopkeeping with occasional sprinkles of dungeon-crawling, Cataclismo is more about setting up shop and staying firmly within the shop. Except the shop is a fortress you’ve made out of blocks and the “setting up” is deploying a roster of troops. At night the hordes of nasties arrive and it’s your job to fend them off. The shoppers, in this case, aren’t welcome.

The good news is that it’ll arrive sometime in Q2 of this year, so roughly between April and June. That’s not too far away! And the extra good news is that you’re able to play a demo of the game right now on Steam.

I do love myself a horde mode, but I’ve never been a massive RTS-er. Cataclismo genuinely looks like a nice way to bridge the gap, perhaps moreso than They Are Billions, which didn’t really have the right vibe to entice me in. I like the vibe of Cataclismo, which for whatever reason, reminds me a bit of action RPG Ashen.

Disclaimer: Regular RPSer Brendan Caldwell did some writing for Cataclismo.

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