Last Epoch continues to look like a worthy Diablo challenger ahead of next month’s full release

By admin Jan 20, 2024

Last Epoch is gunning for the action-RPG crown long held by Diablo (and recently contested by the likes of Path of Exile and Grim Dawn). With the power of time travel – and a flash-looking launch trailer – on its side, the indie hopeful certainly looks set to put up a decent fight when it exits Early Access in just over a month.

Last Epoch has been in Early Access since 2019, having spawned out of a group of developers brought together by a Reddit post to form fledgling studio Eleventh Hour Games and run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to the tune of $255,000 in the spring of 2018.

Last Epoch’s launch trailer largely focuses on its moody lore and world – which the player must save by hopping through time – and moment-to-moment popping-off of powers over the details of its gameplay, which offers up an enormous amount of player customisation across more than 100 skills with separate skill trees and progression. On top of those abilities will be the genre’s familiar slash-and-loot loop, with enemies dropping randomised items and players able to craft ever more powerful gear using their collected goodies.

The game’s endgame is clearly a focus for its developers, with the option to jump into alternative timelines that effectively shake up scenarios from the campaign, with completed events branching off based on players’ actions. There’ll also be an arena mode that will let you climb leaderboards by slaying your way through endless waves of enemies.

Several elemental spells are cast at once on enemies in a grassy field setting in Last Epoch
Image credit: Eleventh Hour Games

It’s a twist on the well-set formula that’s apparently gone down well already, with Eleventh Hour saying Last Epoch has shifted over a million copies during its time in Early Access. Its full 1.0 will arrive on February 21st, after a delay from last December.

During its Early Access run the game has added new classes including the spell-slinging Runemaster, with continued support planned in the form of regular ‘cycles’ of new content and an economy reset, along with competitive events.

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