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Wondering where are the statues in Adopt Me for the Sphinx update? Our guide tells you all the locations so you can hurry back into the game and get grinding for the new limited-time pets from the Royal Desert Egg!

Adopt Me brings a bunch of creatures familiar and mythical to your device as pets! You can raise them and combine them to make neon pets all whilst exploring the vast island of Adopt Me. This roleplaying game is constantly rolling out fresh updates with new limited-time pets so there is always something to look forward to.

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Where Are The Statues In Adopt Me

Oh, here’s a statue!

Sphinx Statues

This update works in a unique way. You will need to play for a minimum of 30 minutes per day for a statue to reveal itself. In the meantime, you can age pets and idly earn some cash if you’d like, or decorate your house! You should teleport to the Car Dealership first, as this is the closest point to the Desert area added in this update.

Only 2 Statues will spawn per day, and with 12 Statues in total it is estimated that players will need to keep up this grind for 6 days before getting an exclusive reward – perhaps a new pet! Each Statue will appear as one of the new pets from the update which corresponds to a pedestal where you can place it down around the Desert area.

Also, don’t worry about getting the statue placement wrong as there are no consequences if you falsely match them up! You can try again as many times as needed until you have the correct placement for each Statue.

Statue Locations

  • Statue 1: The Fox Statue is located next to the Sphynx in the Desert area.
  • Statue 2: A Fish Like Statue is located next to the Sphynx stairs opposite the Fox Statue

Statue Rewards

Each time you place a Statue in the right place you will be awarded with 25 Bucks. After completing all 12 of the Statue placements over a few days you will be able to collect the Royal Desert Egg prize!

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