Royalton Bavaro Resort & Spa, Punta Cana

There are essentially two offerings at Royalton: Standard and Diamond Club. All the room types are available in both standard and Diamond Club offerings and are the same exact rooms, but Diamond Club features some additional services and a Diamond Club pool and section of beach.

We were booked into a Diamond Club Presidential One-Bedroom Suite and don’t be fooled by the same- there are many One Bedrooms Suites and we thoroughly enjoyed the additional space the suite afforded. The One-Bedroom Suite features 2 bathrooms, a full living room, bar area and a double-sized balcony. It’s just over 1,200 Square Feet and our favorite part was the dual-shower heads in the master bath. The master bath includes a nice jacuzzi tub in the bathroom and a large closet. We were in Suite 16-328 and building 16 is one of the few with a slight ocean view due to its angle on the property. Overall, buildings 16-20 offer the best sunlight and position on property.

We really enjoyed the room itself, but were disappointed to find that the minibar was very sparse, there are no bottles of wine or liquor available and there are no snacks. When we inquired if bottles of liquor or wine are available outside of this COVID time, we were told they do not, which was surprising because there is a mini-wine fridge in the room as well as something that appears to hold bottles of liquor. We were told separately as well that bottles of wine in the room cost extra, which has not been our experience at other properties in the Dominican, even during COVID times. Even in standard rooms, we have been able to acquire a bottle of wine since I am allergic to beer. Given that it is not even an option for Diamond Club or “presidential rooms”, there appears to be no difference between the actual rooms, whether you are in DC or not.

However Diamond Club does feature some great extras such as free room service ($5 for standard rooms per order), access to the Flo-Rider surf wave for free during certain hours daily, 30-minutes of hydrotherapy (I know the website says 1 hour but according to the Spa it was 30 minutes) for free per day and access to the water park during your stay for free. If you plan to utilize these services, it’s an easy justification to upgrade. We found ourselves doing room service in the afternoons instead of going to the buffet lunch, which is a great perk as it is included. There is currently no Diamond Club dining option that is separate from standard rooms.

If you are debating the upgrade due to the added amenity of a butler, I would recommend thinking twice. I would upgrade solely based on the private beach area, pool area and access to amenities for free, rather than the butler service. The butlers were incredibly hit or miss and I am certain that some are significantly better than others, but we did not have a great experience and therefore cannot recommend it as the sole reason to upgrade (I can recommend several hotels with AMAZING butler service, like this one). As long as you know this going in, you will be fine. What we would recommend doing is deciding which restaurants you wish to eat at on day 1 so you can give your butler the list right away and lock in the reservations. The butler is the one to make any “preferential” dinner reservations for you.

If you’re like me and get anxious about ending up in a “meh” room on vacation, Royalton has a very good option for you. There is a pre-select room option that starts at $60 and I imagine increases based on views etc, but it may be a great option. Having the option to select a room can save you the phone calls to the front desk begging to be moved if you end up in a less than ideal view or configuration to your liking.

Overall, we enjoyed the room – it was quiet, the air conditioning is excellent and we loved the master switches and AC controls located directly next to the bed.

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