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By admin Jan 18, 2024

This Ravendawn tier list is here to guide you along the MMO character creation path! When you’ve got a variety of archetypes/classes to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is worth trying out first.

Ravendawn is a nostalgic MMORPG that is reminiscent of the classics from back in the day. With a top-down view, charming graphics, and unlimited options for character builds, Ravendawn has a lot to offer for MMO fans. Relax as you decorate your house and tend to your farm, before heading out into the wilderness to battle against mobs and collect loot.

For more information about Ravendawn, you can visit the game’s official website – where you can also download the game to play right now! Need a break from the MMO grind? Take a look at our MapleStory class tier list, our Dungeon Boss: Respawned tier list, and our Halls of Torment class tier list.

Ravendawn Tier List

Can’t decide on an archetype? Maybe this tier list can help. Every archetype has been ranked according to their overall strengths and weakness – plus, how they work in a team during battle!

S Tier

The best archetypes to try out in Ravendawn! The abilities provided by these are incredibly strong (not to mention they’re also really cool) and are useful to have in a team at all times.

A Tier

The second-best archetypes to use! By no means are they worse than those in S-tier, but they’re just a tiny bit weaker.

B Tier

So, these archetypes aren’t the best but they’re definitely not the worst. They’re worth trying out and if you don’t fancy the look of any archetypes in the tiers above, then these are for you!

  • Witchcraft
  • Archery
  • Spiritual

C Tier

Okay, now this is when the bad archetypes start to appear.

  • No archetypes in this tier just yet – which is a good thing!

D Tier

The weakest archetypes in Ravendawn – it might be best to wait for them to receive a buff in future game updates.

  • Luckily none of the archetypes are weak enough to be placed into the bottom tier.

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