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Can’t work out which Light Cone is best? This Honkai Star Rail Dr Ratio tier list ranks every suitable Light Cone for the 5-star character from S-tier to D-tier. Keep in mind that his signature Light Cone will always take first place, but there are plenty of alternatives!

Honkai Star Rail is the latest addition to the popular Honkai series. The game features a wide range of stylish characters who wield various unique abilities. Whether you prefer characters who use Lightning or those who use Ice, Honkai Star Rail offers up fun combat and an immersive world. Collect characters and upgrade them to build an ultra-powerful team as you explore the Astral Express.

You can learn more about Honkai Star Rail on the official website. We’ve also got a Honkai Star Rail Light Cone tier list, a Honkai Star Rail Pure Fiction tier list, and a Honkai Star Rail Twitch Drops guide!

Dr Ratio Tier List

It’s time to build Dr Ratio! Firstly, you’re gonna need to equip him with a suitable Light Cone that enhances his skills. It’s best to focus on B-tier Light Cones and above, with a switch over to A-tier/S-tier when you manage to obtain one.

S Tier

This tier is reserved for Dr Ratio’s signature Light Cone! This means it was made specifically for the character, providing a boost to his stats and abilities directly.

A Tier

Don’t have a Baptism of Pure Thought Light Cone spare? Use these instead! They’re just as good and can be a little easier to obtain.

  • In the Night
  • Worrisome, Blissful
  • Only Silence Remains

B Tier

These Light Cones are nothing to sniff at, they’re good but they’ll need some upgrades before you start seeing performance boosts.

  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea
  • Return to Darkness
  • Sleep Like the Dead

C Tier

You should only use these Light Cones if you don’t have anything else in your inventory – swap them out as soon as you can.

  • Swordplay
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D Tier

The worst Light Cones for Dr Ratio!

  • There are no Light Cones in this tier!

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