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This guide tells you how to get Clan Spins in Kaizen, including what spins are and information on each clan. With our walkthrough, you can decide which clan you want to try and spin for with the odds!

Grand Kaizen is the Roblox entry into the Jujutsu Kaizen world. Customize your sorcerer and roll for a clan before dropping into all sorts of battle chaos. Train and defeat enemies or brawl with other players to determine who is toughest! With weapons and curses to collect a-plenty, you can find yourself fully imagined and immersed! So whether you want to grind to be Gojo-level OP, or simply roleplay with friends in the JJK universe, you can do it all in Grand Kaizen!

You can find out more on Grand Kaizen by checking out the Official Roblox page! We also have a Kaizen Clans Guide.

How To Get Clan Spins In Kaizen

Spin the wheeeeeel…

What Is A Spin?

A spin is like a built-in gacha system which rolls you into a new group under one category. For example, the Clan Spin will assign you a clan which will include different buffs and stats beneficial to your gameplay. The better and stronger a clan is the rarer it is and harder it’ll be to roll into. This is why games like Kaizen include a reroll system so you can earn more spins and keep trying until you get the clan you desire.

How To Get Clan Spins

When you first launch Kazien you will have 5 free clan spins to roll with. The chances of getting a clan you want are slim, so if you want to reroll you’ll need to do one of two things.

  • Buy Spins using Robux
    • +15 Spins – 199 Robux
    • +30 Spins – 800 Robux
    • +50 Spins – 1700 Robux
  • Codes for free Spins
    • Unluckily, there isn’t a way to grind for free Spins in-game. However, using our Kaizen Codes guide you can get your hands on some Spins for free! We recommend bookmarking the code page too to keep up to date with the latest code drops.

What Are The Clans

We covered clans in a separate guide linked further up, but let’s quickly brief the different clans and where they reside in rarity status!

  • Legendary Clans (1.6%)
  • Rare Clans (9.68%)
  • Common Clans (88.66%)
    • Rayburn
    • Akiyama
    • Yoshino
    • Sotomura
    • Sonoda
    • Takashi
    • Sasaki
    • Hori
    • Eldritch
    • Haba
    • Ieiri

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