Celebrate Arknights 4th Anniversary With 6-Star Operators And So Long, Adele

By admin Jan 17, 2024

Arknights Global is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a major update and lots of rewards. There’s also a new side story event titled ‘So Long, Adele: Home Away From Home’ kicking off the celebrations. Keep reading to know more about the Arknights 4th anniversary event. Catch a glimpse of the teaser below!

So Long, Adele

Happening till February 13th, 2024, the Arknights 4th anniversary event brings in some new limited operators, tough missions and a bunch of fun activities. A couple of new Operators have made their grand entrance. Eyjafjalla the Hvít Aska, a 6-star Caster Operator, is a Wandering Medic who can clear Elemental Damage build-up on friendly units while healing them.

Swire the Elegant Wit, a 6-star Specialist Operator, is a Merchant Specialist who deals with DP drain with strong attacks and support. Poncirus, a 5-star Vanguard Operator, and Bryophyta, a 5-star Guard Operator, are two other new Operators in the game.

The Arknights 4th-anniversary update lets you try out different event stages like A Holiday at the Hot Springs, Treasure Hunting in Siesta and Surfing the Lava. Snag goodies by completing tasks in Siestan Fashion Street, finishing Dolly’s Task List, and checking out the White Volcano event shop. You can even trade these rewards at the White Volcano for better goodies like the 5-star operator Bryophyta, Bryophyta’s token, furniture, Logistics Special Permits, elite materials and more.

Get Headhunting Permit

Grab a free 10x headhunting permit till January 30th. Also, log in every day to get a free roll in the Cloudtop Lucid Dream headhunting banner, adding up to over 20 pulls without lifting a finger. Don’t miss out on the fab new outfits in the Arknights store. It features Gavial the Invincible, Goldenglow, and Myrtle in their Coral Coast XII outfits.

Do you play Arknights? If not, get the game from the Google Play Store. Also, before you leave, check out our latest scoop on Gear Up For Another Eden Global 5th Anniversary!

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