What it was like spending Christmas at a luxury hotel

By admin Jan 16, 2024

There are many reasons to spend Christmas at a luxury hotel rather than at home, but you still want it to be special, personal and memorable. Thankfully for us (my mother and me), our festive stay at Ockenden Manor hotel in the village of Cuckfield, West Sussex, was all three.

Due to half of our family choosing to follow the sun and spend Christmas in Australia and it being only just over a year since my father died, neither my mum nor myself particularly wanted to spend Christmas at either of our homes, but it would have felt equally strange not to spend it together. A hotel stay seemed the ideal solution and a spa hotel even better, in case the weather was rubbish and we were stuck indoors. I’d stayed at Ockenden Manor several years ago as one of my first reviews for ALadyofLeisure.com and really liked it – but would my mum? The pressure was on.