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Gear 4 is old news! This is the Seas Battlegrounds How to Get Gear 5 guide! Our walkthrough helps you unlock Gear 5 and showcases the movements that partner with this powerful build.

Seas Battleground is one of many Roblox games inspired by the gigantic anime and manga. In this battle rumble game, you can enlist the powers and abilities of your favorite One Piece characters and use them in exciting PvP against other players. Seas Battlegrounds is set apart from the competition by being a free-for-all fighter game rather than a campaign.

You can check out Seas Battlegrounds over on Roblox. If you’re a fan of One Piece you may enjoy some other Roblox games based on the title. GPO Resurrected Ba’al Guide, GPO Vampire Race Guide, and GPO Dullahan Race Guide.

Seas Battlegrounds How to get Gear 5

Luffy! It’s good to see ya buddy!

What Is Gear 5

Gear 5 is the latest transformation sequence for Luffy both in Seas Battlegrounds and the anime. This powerful ability gives the player a new ultimate finishing move that can one hit kill several players within a radius of the attack! So if you run into Gear 5 users be sure to avoid them, unless you want to check out the animation that is.

How To Get Gear 5

To get Gear 5 in Seas Battlegrounds you’ll need to play using Luffy’s move sets (which we share below). Once your ultimate bar is filled, which is the little purple bar at the bottom of your screen, you’ll be ready to unleash Gear 5! To fill the bar you simply need to participate in the brawls. Landing hits on other players will fill up your meter. Once the meter is filled you’ll need another player to kill you for you to transform into Luffy Gear 5, complete with an awesome cut scene.

Move Sets

Now let’s get onto the moves!

  • Pistol – One-time punch attack that can land on a target from a distance.
  • Hawk Gatling – Rapid stacked punches that deal high damage and knock back the enemy.
  • Red Hawk – An arm stretches and extends far back before slinging forward and dealing a massive raw damage attack on an enemy.
  • Rocket – Both arms stretch and extend to grapple onto surfaces. Great for scaling rocks for a getaway or height advantage.

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