Project Smash Codes – Any Codes Yet?

By admin Jan 16, 2024
Feature image for our Project Smash codes guide. It shows the Project Smash arena map, made up of blocks with a fort at one end.

Want to work your way up the tiers in Project Smash? Promotional codes are a way that some Roblox games let you enter codes in-game for extra rewards. It’s not something they all have, however. Our Project Smash codes guide gives you the information necessary.

Project Smash is a free-for-all arena battle where you can pick different movesets and challenge other players in a battle royale to fling each other off the map. The more damage you take, the further you’re likely to be flung. Hmm, sounds a bit like another Smash game I know…

Check out the Roblox page for more info! If you’re scouting around for more codes, check out our Math Block Race codes, Tower Defense RISE codes, and Z piece codes.

Project Smash Codes

Here we list any codes we dig up. We try to make sure any codes are active and valid for the time we update the guide. Don’t be shy to let us know in the comments if you see an expired or fake one.

  • We haven’t been able to find any active codes. Sadness.

How To Redeem The Codes

Here is where we put any steps toward code redemption, if there’s a functional one.

  • There appears to be no code redemption process just yet.
  • The game is still in Early Development phase, so a code function coming in a new update is still on the cards!
  • We’ll check in regularly to spot any changes and update as soon as we have some news.

Where To Get More Codes

The easiest way to get new codes is… checking this guide! We’ll try and save you the work and keep this up to date.

You can check the official Discord. Devs often put codes on their social media accounts to encourage you to follow, so these are a good place to look.

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