How To Sell In Deadly Company Guide

By admin Jan 16, 2024
Feature image for our guide on how to sell in Deadly Company. It shows the outside of the Company building, with the selling window.

Want to turn your kettles, horns, and other assorted objects into cash? Want to make your quota in time? Want a decent flashlight? You’re in the right place. Our guide on how to sell in Deadly Company tells you exactly how to navigate to the Company building, and trade in your loot for credits.

Deadly Company is a Roblox game that nearly completely recreates the multiplayer phenomenon that is Lethal Company. It’s a game where you head out to find scrap in abandoned industrial buildings on desolate moons.

You can play Deadly Company on the Roblox platform. Want some more guides on Deadly Company? Try our Deadly Company Moons guide. We’ve also got a Deadly Company monsters guide if you want to find out what’s lurking on the moons.

How To Sell In Deadly Company Guide

Here we’ve split it into different topics.

Selling Scrap

Selling scrap is a vital part of every round of Deadly Company. When you start you receive a quota for scrap value. Find valuable scraps on the moons and bring them into your ship until you hopefully have enough to make your quota.. or more!

How To Sell Scrap

So, how do you trade your heard-earned scrap in at the Company?

To sell your scrap it’s best to wait until deadline day, ie ‘0 Days Left To Meet Your Quota’. On this day, head to the terminal on the ship.

  • Activate the ship’s terminal.
  • Type ‘moons’ and enter it.
  • Type ‘company’ and enter it.
  • Type ‘yes’ and enter it.
  • Go to the control panel and interact with the main lever to navigate to the Company Building.

Once you reach the Company Building, it’s time to start unloading. Place all the items on the counter in the Company building wall.

Then just ring the bell. You should be informed of how much you’ve been paid. Then you can get right to spending your earnings!

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