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By admin Jan 16, 2024

Square Enix has announced that its upcoming 4v4 multiplayer game Foamstars will launch on February 6th for £24.99

The surprising news is that the game will be available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers from the day it launches until March 4, giving you an entire month to claim and play it.

Speaking on the official PlayStation Blog, Square Enix Producer Kosuke Okatani said, “We developed Foamstars with the concept of creating a game that everyone could enjoy. Whether you’re a player who wants to play tactically and test your skills to achieve victory, or a player who wants to just casually party with friends, you will find something to enjoy in Foamstars. Please try it out during its inclusion in the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games. “

Foamstars was revealed during last years PlayStation Showcase and was met with a lukewarm reception, with many comparing it to the Nintendo Switch’s Splatoon series. Despite this, though, people who actually went hands-on with the game have said it’s a lot of fun. IGN published a preview just before the official release date was revealed and they seemed to have a good time with it.

Foamstars will be supported by “free themed seasonal updates over the span of one year,” which can them be upgraded to a Premium Season Pass for £4.99.

The plan seems to be to get heaps of people onboard with the cheap RRP and by offering it as part of PlayStation Plus who will then hopefully spend money to get the upgraded season pass, figuring that £4.99 isn’t much case to part with.

It’s a risky play but it could work out great for Foamstars. While launching straight onto PlayStation Plus doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, reflecting what happened to Destruction AllStars, it may be the right way to go for a live-service title that has struggled to get much hype. If it’s part of the subscription people might want to hop on and give it a go, because why not?

Even though I think it looks like a goofy mess, I think I’m actually rooting for Foamstars.

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