Rocksteady hopes you’ll stick with Suicide Squad long enough to be excited about this Joker expansion

By admin Jan 15, 2024

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks to be adding some kind of Joker-themed content post-launch, though how that will work is still a bit unclear.

Last week, the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League official Discord held a Q&A with members of Rocksteady’s staff, takling about a variety of topics, including things like end game content. The biggest thing that came from the Q&A, though, was a teaser image of some concept art that shows Harley Quinn stood in front of a building themed around The Joker, with a sign on it that reads “The Daily Chuckle,” obviously meant to be a spin on Metropolis’ Daily Bugle (thanks, PCGamesN). The only thing is (and spoiler warning for those that haven’t played Arkham City), is that, well, The Joker is dead, no?

Of course, it is a comic book property, so characters don’t necessarily stay dead forever, but it does leave the question of how the clown prince of crime might come back. Well, according to Miller Ross, who has previously leaked information for games like Marvel’s Avengers (and again, possible spoiler warning here for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League), this particular Joker isn’t the one we know from the Arkham Games. He is still The Joker, though, just one from a different universe, one where Brainiac won, and he was the last remaining universe.

He’ll also supposedly be a new playable character, too, with his melee weapon being a mace. The big question is whether or not players will still be interested by the time this drops, as previews for the game haven’t exactly been… good. Fan reactions from those who played the alpha test have been mixed too, so we’ll have to wait and see how the game fairs post-launch. It could always turn things around, but the looming ghost of Marvel’s Avengers certainly suggests otherwise.

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