Hilton La Romana All-Inclusive, Dominican Republic

There are a large selection of dining options available at the Hilton La Romana across the two properties. It’s important to note that children will not be able to access the adults-only restaurants, but adults can access all restaurants. We did have the opportunity to try a number of their outlets:

Noor – Adults Side
Noor is their Mediterranean style cuisine in the evenings and it is the Club Level a la carté available for breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, they serve standard options such as pancakes, waffles, omelets, bagels with lox, breakfast burritos and more. For lunch, they serve sandwiches, pastas, salads and similar “American” style options. We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch at Noor and felt the presentation of the food was better than The Grill. We did not go to Noor for breakfast, however, due to the location. We preferred breakfast at the Grill thanks to the oceanfront location.

The Grill – Family Side
The Grill serves Seafood and American-style grilled food for dinner and it is the Club Level a la carté restaurant available for breakfast and lunch on the family side. The location is superb, sitting right on the edge of the water, making it the perfect breakfast spot. It was worth the additional noise from families as a couple for this reason. They offer the same exact menu as Noor for breakfast and for lunch.

The Grill is also where all the romantic dinners are held. There are a number of more private nooks and crannies around the restaurant that enable guests to dine with incredible sunset views. We had a romantic dinner on one of these perches with a stunning sunset view and outdoor living room setup. The food was excellent. We had the choice of two items for each course and we tested our all of them. We thoroughly enjoyed the steak, salmon, calamari and ceviche.

Mare Grill – Adults Side
Mare Grill is situated on the adults side and features delicious seafood. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner here, with a spectacular sunset view.

Sakura – Adults Side
Sakura is the Japanese restaurant on the adults side. They do also offer a hibachi experience, which looked like a blast! We did get to sample a few different items and I’d really like to go back to explore the menu at our leisure because we absolutely loved the sushi and would have liked to try a few more rolls as well as the hibachi experience. One thing to note is that there is no outdoor dining at Sakura so our recommendation is to go to Sakura after sunset hours so you don’t miss out on the perfect sunsets on property.

Pizzeria – Family Side
There is a pizza restaurant on the family side that is open for lunch that services a small selection of pizza. We really enjoyed the pepperoni pizza and could have done without the ham pizza. They were not the most interesting pizzas in the world – but if you’re looking a quite bite, I’d say this is a great option.

There are also cafes in both lobbies that service delicious espresso beverages, frappes and iced drinks. The sweets were ok – I preferred the croissants at the Grill.

Room service is also available on the property. Club Level guests do not have to pay a delivery fee, while standard guests pay a $5 fee for each delivery (whether you order 1 dish or 10, it’s the same). The room service during COVID-19 arrives in to-go style containers.

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