Elden Ring DLC update on Steam’s backend hints that Shadow of the Erdtree’s release could be very, very close

By admin Jan 15, 2024

We’ve had barely an official word on Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree since it was announced about a year ago, itself a year after the release of From Software’s superb open-world soulslike. That hasn’t stopped a steady drip of decidedly unofficial rumours and signs about the Elden Ring expansion could arrive, though – and the latest indication is that Shadow of the Erdtree’s release date might be soon. Very soon, in fact.

To catch you up, Shadow of the Erdtree was revealed with an evocative bit of concept art not long after Elden Ring’s one-year anniversary in February 2023. In the almost 12 months since, From Software has remained fairly shtum on what the DLC might include – which naturally hasn’t stopped internet loremasters decoding every pixel of the teaser artwork, widely believed to show lore-centric character Miquella (brother of punishing side-boss Malenia) astride the Tarnished’s hopping horse-mount Torrent.

Last month, a product page for Elden Ring-themed controllers was posted online by a retailer, hinting at a possible February launch for Shadow of the Erdtree (which the controllers would be released alongside) before the page was swiftly pulled down. This February will mark two years since Elden Ring’s launch, potentially making it an anniversary release.

That theory might now have some additional supporting evidence in the form of a mysterious incoming update for Elden Ring’s Steam release, spotted by X user Ziostorm via Steam data tracker SteamDB. (Thanks, Eurogamer.)

Elden Ring screenshot showing a player holding a lightning-imbued sword and striking a Tree Sentinel with a lightning bolt

The behind-the-scenes update doesn’t mention Shadow of the Erdtree by name, instead referring to “SteamDB Unknown App 2778580”. It’s the first such change to the game’s downloadable content offering in well over a year, with the only listed “DLC” to date being a digital artbook, the game’s soundtrack, a bonus gesture and an adventure guide, most of which was released two years ago – making the new addition worthy of a raised eyebrow at least.

We’ll hopefully find out more soon, especially if Steam is prepping to add something to the game – whether that’s ultimately Shadow of the Erdtree or not.

It might be that players’ patience will be rewarded further, too, as the pulled controller sheet also made reference to a possible second bit of DLC – referred to as a “major key beat or new game expansion” in the materials – due to arrive in 2025. Could it be we wait all this time for one Elden Ring DLC, only to get two fairly close together?

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