Costco REPLACED Its Beloved Churros — And People Are NOT Happy About the Change

By admin Jan 15, 2024

Okay, where are our loyal Costco shoppers at?


So, you probably already know about the Costco deal you can get at Disney restaurants. We bet you’ve bought discounted gift cards with your Costco membership (SAME). We’ve even saved money on flights through Costco. Yes, we now pay a little more for membership, but it’s worth it, right? Or is it? Because some folks are questioning things after Costco just made a controversial change in its food courts.

If you’ve visited the Costco food court, you’ll probably know there’s a churro on the menu — and y’all, it’s pretty good. In fact, it’s got quite the reputation and is much loved by Costco members. However, if you visit Costco right now, that churro…well, it’s gone. And it’s been replaced with a cookie. Yes, Costco just introduced a new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie, but where’s the churro? WHERE IS THE CHURRO?

Where’s the churro?

Yes, we visited our local Costco because we couldn’t believe it when we heard that the churro was gone. Why get rid of a snack that everyone seems to love? But yep, it’s gone. And all we get is a cookie. Sure, the cookie sounds good, but a churro is always better than a cookie, in our opinion. Here’s a better look at the cookie.

Sad little cookie

Also, the cookie does live up to the “Double” as far as its size goes, but we’re hardly seeing ANY chocolate chunks. This one has like two…c’mon, Costco, what gives? And it’s not just us who are upset. We saw TONS of social media posts about this, and everyone agrees: BRING BACK THE CHURRO.

Now, we didn’t try the cookie because we’re bitter, but there you have it. If you visit your local Costco, now you won’t be surprised, although you may still be a little disappointed.

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