Grand Palladium Palace Punta Cana, All-Inclusive

The Grand Palladium Palace shares a number of restaurants with its sister properties. Due to COVID-19, the occupancy was pretty low all around so the restaurants were open on a rotating basis with 2 open per evening and only the buffet running for breakfast and lunch. TRS Turquesa does offer its own restaurants but guests from any Grand Palladium properties do not have access to their restaurants, however, they have access to the Grand Palladium properties’ restaurants.

During our stay, we were able to try the Hibachi at Sumptuori, Mexican served at Poseidon and the Indian restaurant, Bhogali. Overall, we enjoyed our dinners. The only bummer was that Posiedon restaurant does not offer any cocktails so you cannot order a margarita, but you can order beer and wine. The wine was very free-flowing, so not the end of the world ;).

Breakfast and lunch were served at the buffet. The buffet is open for self-serve, but they require guests to wear a glove and a mask when walking around. Most people did follow the rules and many were corrected when they did not follow the rules. However, I did see at the juice stand that guests were pulling their masks down to smell the juice so we skipped juice for a few days- freaked us out a little too much.

Since the other Grand Palladium properties were closed at this time, there were no restaurants open outside of the Palace resort property. They did have a little taco truck open outside the main lobby that served very good tacos- we highly recommend it.

Overall, the lobby bar, since it was the only bar open, was the only reference we had for cocktails. The cocktails overall were, frankly, not good. However, we saw most people drinking wine, beer or gin & tonic. The Gin & Tonic was fabulous! It is served in a large stemmed glass with a dehydrated orange slice. That was by and far the winner and we weren’t the only ones who thought that, based on how many people we saw who had them. We tried a large variety of cocktails and they were just…not great.

Overall, the food was quite good and we would 100% recommend the gin & tonic.

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