Smite 2 has been just announced for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

By admin Jan 13, 2024

Big news that even the gods will enjoy! Smite – the long-running 3rd person action MOBA – is getting a sequel. Smite 2 has been announced, and it’s coming to PC, the PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

The game is an overhaul of Smite 1 in Unreal Engine 5, but what does that mean? Well, it is a brand-new game which will target around 25 gods when it eventually launches, but you’ll be similar game modes and gods. These returning aspects of Smite 1 are getting a visual and gameplay update. The aim of the game – judging by the reveal – appears to be to take everything good about Smite 1 and give it a proper polish.

You can watch the Smite 2 reveal yourself here.

That includes the in-game UI, and how the game is played itself. Changes to the base 5v5 map are being made to mix up the gameplay, and to the way you build characters too! Not only do players get a sixth item slot, the way you buy and build items has also been streamlined.

In addition, there are two main sources of power for gods – strength and intelligence. By increasing these stats via items, you can construct a god build that focuses on different abilities. It’s like AP and AD in League of Legends, if you’re familiar. Dedicated power stats that adjust your god’s playstyle.

If you’ve been playing Smite for some time, you’re getting rewarded for your time (and money_ invested. This comes in the form of Legacy Gems and Divine Legacy. Legacy Gems are a Smite 2 currency that’s 1:1 for every gem you ever spent in Smite 1. While you have them on your Smite 2 account, you can use them to pay for half of most microtransactions. There’s no word on what you won’t be able to spend them on, but it’s basically a 50% off deal for prior spenders.

When it comes to Divine Legacy, these are a selection of rewards for Smite 2 based on prior achievements in Smite 1. If you’ve completed enough Divine Legacy objectives, you can earn unique rewards including skins and cosmetics for Smite 2. However, it was also stated that newer players can also jump into Smite 1 now and earn these rewards, so it’s unclear what amount of this feature will be uniquely earnable by OG players alone.

If you don’t want to move on from Smite 1, don’t worry for now. Smite 1 and Smite 2 will be developed by Titanforged Games at the same time. Speaking in an early press briefing, executive producer Alex Cantatore stated that they plan to support Smite 1 for the foreseeable future. However, he did also state that they hope that once players are able to jump into Smite 2 they’ll hop on over (which is honestly fair enough – it’s a new game innit), so no worries on the Smite 1 front for now.

Us and other outlets are present at the Smite World Finals right now so expect more information around Smite 2 to come in the next few days. We’ve got an interview lined up – so if you’re keen for more info on what’s going on with the sequel keep your eyes here for more details soon!

You can wishlist the game now and sign up for early Alpha tests if you are so inclined. These alpha tests are targeted for Spring 2024 – though no final release 2 for Smite 2 has been put out there yet. One to keep tabs on.

(VG247’s travel to Arlington Texas as well as accommodation for the Smite World Championships 2024 was paid for by Hi-Rez Studios.)

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