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By admin Jan 13, 2024
Feature image for our Ghost At The Door guide. It shows an in-game screen of a scary monster with a pumpkin head.

Are you ready to face a very insistent trick or treater? There’s a lot happening in Ghost At The Door, so it’s easy to get quickly overwhelmed. Fortunately, we’re here to assist. Our Ghost At The Door guide is here to give you a rundown on what you need to get started.

Ghost At The Door is a game where you must fend off a horrible monster from your doorway. Place turrets and try to keep your door repaired as the sinister visitor comes knocking.. knocking extremely hard. Split its time with other players to give you time to fix up your defenses, but don’t get too complacent, the monster will be back.

You can play Ghost At The Door on Roblox. Check out out Ghost At The Door codes guide for more content from this game.

Ghost At The Door Guide

Here we’ll cover each of the major topics.

Your Room

When you first load into Ghost At The Door your first task is to pick a room. There are several on the field. Other players are likely to scramble for one too. Different rooms come with items that give certain buffs. They might also have wall layouts that make them easier to defend.

Your room has one door that you need to defend and prevent from breaking. You can upgrade the door to make it harder to destroy. What’s trying to break the door? The Boss, of course.

The Boss

When you spawn into the arena, a counter will start. When the counter reaches zero The Boss appears in the area.

  • The Boss wants to break the doors of all players in the game.
  • The Boss will swap attention between different players and doors.
  • If the Boss breaks your door, you’re done.
  • If you damage the boss enough, it will retreat to heal.

You damage the boss using turrets. You can also repair your door with the button at the bottom of the screen, but if the boss gets too strong, you might struggle to keep up!

Your Equipment

Inside the room you have several items available to you. You can place these to help you survive.

  • Turrets – These damage the Boss. They cost candy to build and upgrade. You can place them anywhere inside your room in a grid format.
  • Chair – This generates the candy currency. You can upgrade it to speed up candy production.
  • Pumpkin – This generates the flame currency. You can upgrade it to speed up flame production.

Don’t forget about your door, which you can upgrade with currency.

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