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By admin Jan 12, 2024

Welcome to our pick for the top Upcoming Roblox Games Of The Week. Or, URGOTW… We will workshop that name. This feature updates weekly with our personal top picks for games we think you should try out! Here on Gamezebo we cover a lot of Roblox releases in our guides and sample new releases all the time. But which are our favourites?

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Upcoming Roblox Games Of The Week

This feature was first created on January 09th, 2024. Now without further ado let’s share our faves and list off some reasons as to why they made our list. Don’t worry, we know our opinions might not be shared by you, but hopefully, you either agree with our choices or find a new game to try. If you don’t, please come back next week for our new selection of games!

Adventure Piece

Adventure Piece is inspired by what I personally think of as an incredible anime. If the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, Adventure Piece is an inspired game that drops you into the world of One Piece. The game has a stunning world design and includes everything we love about the franchise from intense battles to Devil Fruits.

Underworld Realm

Inspired by Undertale, this game has a unique dungeon-like approach to the Indie title. It’s like playing Undertale but in 3D and honestly, that is pretty fun. Whilst currently in BETA and still fleshing out bugs, Underworld Realm already shows off impressive gameplay with well-designed core features reminiscent of the original title.

Grand Kaizen

I may be biased but I just love Jujutsu Kaisen, okay? Grand Kaizen is the re-release of Kaizen and has huge potential to grow into a massive franchise-inspired title. The open world is freeing in this game and as the game grows more familiar faces are added to the roster as quest NPCs and bosses!

Anime Dungeon Fighters

I remember one day when creating a guide for this game, I loaded in to double-check check my research was accurate, and I sank about an hour of work time completing quests and doing dungeon crawls, hah. I was keen on getting Ace from the banners but to no avail (Boo! DEVs if you’re reading this please give me Ace he’s my pookie). Anyway, this game is fantastic. I love dungeon crawlers and between the vibrancy of the game, and having my favourite characters across different anime franchises join my ranks, it checks all the boxes for a fun game.


I may have saved the best til’ last here. If I can convince you to check out any title on this list let it be Shadovia! This RPG is genuinely such a blast. It’s whimsical, engaging, and has the most charming lego-brick style gameplay. You get to merge weapons and completely customise your gameplay style which is something I hugely adore in games. The bosses are unique and fun, the world is alluring and exciting, and even the side quests are engaging.

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