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Looking to become a Quincy in Project Mugetsu? This Project Mugetsu Quincy guide contains handy step-by-step instructions to help you become a Quincy in the Roblox game. You’ll also find information regarding the abilities that you can wield as a Quincy!

If you’re a fan of the Bleach anime/manga, you’ll love this one! Project Mugetsu is a Roblox game based on the universe of the hit franchise. Play as a Soul, and strive towards becoming a legendary Shinigami – or a Hollow. Take part in action-packed combat, and use your Shikai to defeat opponents!

You can learn more about it on the game’s official Roblox page. We also have a Project Mugetsu Cifer clan guide, Project Mugetsu clan tier list, and Project Mugetsu Yamamoto clan guide.

Project Mugetsu Quincy Guide

Let’s dive deeper into the Quincy race in Project Mugetsu!

How to Unlock Quincy in Project Mugetsu

  • Interact with the NPC, Fresh (he can only be spoken to if you are a Human) – you’ll find him in Karakura Town near the Hospital
  • Fresh will tell you to defeat a Shinigami (this enemy will be highlighted in red on your screen to help you locate them)
  • Kill the Shinigami and pick up the key that it drops
  • Head into the Hospital and walk to Room 9
  • Open Room 9 with the key that the Shinigami dropped
  • Head inside and pick up the Quincy Book
  • Go outside and to the back of the Hospital, you’ll find Douda here
  • You will then be teleported to Hueco Mundo
  • Once you have arrived in Hueco Mundo, you need to talk to Tyrone
  • Tyrone will ask you to collect a Hollow Mask, which can be obtained via defeating a Hollow that will be highlighted in red
  • Once you have killed the Hollow, pick up its mask and take it to Tyrone
  • You will then be teleported to Yhwach and will obtain the Quincy blood – please keep in mind that this has a 80% success rate!

If you’re unlucky enough to fall under the 20%, you’ll have to repeat the entire process again.

Quincy Abilities

  • Shadow
    • Mastery: 80
    • 80K Yen
    • Cooldown: 85 Seconds
    • Mark your shadow on the map and teleport back to it to regain Reiatsu and HP
  • Geldschrank
    • Mastery: 45
    • 25K Yen
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Surround your enemy with a barrier of high density Reishi – this will create large explosions within the barrier
  • Quincy Sword
    • Mastery: 10
    • 6.5K Yen
    • Cooldown: 0
    • Your bow changes into a sword
  • Shadow Gate
    • Mastery: 5
    • 500 Yen
    • Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    • The shadow is a gate that can be used to travel between two worlds (allows you to enter and leave Wandenreich)
  • Ginto Grenade Toss
    • Mastery: 0
    • 1.5K Yen
    • Cooldown: 23 Seconds
    • Throw a Ginto on the ground to create an AOE explosion
  • Ginto Gritz
    • Mastery: 30
    • 12K Yen
    • Cooldown: 35 Seconds
    • Reishi is emitted from a Ginto and surrounds the enemy
  • Reishi Reinforcement
    • Mastery: 70
    • 50K Yen
    • Cooldown: 60 Seconds
    • Trap yourself and your enemy together, this means they cannot escape and will have their Reiatsu drained (the drained Reiatsu will then fill your bar!)

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