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By admin Jan 12, 2024

A new and improved version of the PlayStation 5’s Dualsense controller has popped up online and boasts improved battery life.

Listed as the PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense, the controller has appeared on Best Buy Canada for $89.99 Canadian Hockey Monies, or whatever Canada uses. It’s currently listed as being discontinued, though.

The listing features all the stuff we expect of the Dualsense such as the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers, but two key points stand out. The first is that this new version of the controller has a battery life of 12 hours, a substantial increase of about 50% over the 8 hours that the current Dualsense is supposed to get. Not that the Dualsense tends to get anywhere close to the 8 hours.

Sony could get this improved battery life by simply slapping a bigger battery pack into the controller, replacing the existing  1560mAh one. Or perhaps they’ve gone the slightly trickier route of upgrading the controller components themselves to be more energy-efficient. Or it could be a mix of both.

It’s not like Sony haven’t already played around with the guys of the Dualsense, either. They made a few small changes in 2022 as well.

The other interesting thing listed alongside the improved battery life is a charging dock included with the controller. That’s a pretty big deal because right now the charging dock is a separate product that retails for about $20-25, assuming you go for the official Sony-branded one.

The inclusion of a dock for the same price as one of the older Dualsense’s is the only thing making me doubt this listing. It would be an unusually generous move for Sony. Perhaps it’s simply a Best-Buy deal? But if that’s the case, the listing doesn’t word it that way.

Everything else appears to be identical, even down to the 280g weight.

By admin

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