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By admin Jan 11, 2024

Tevi is an odd one for me. If I’m playing a platformer game, it’s usually a roguelike, not a narrative driven RPG. I was really into it at first, and I still am, but there’s just something about the combat that makes me need to take a break from the game every now and again.

Dull Blades and Boss Fights That Boast

Maybe I prefer hack ‘n’ slash platformers, but the combat in Tevi sometimes felt repetitive. It doesn’t help that a lot of the mobs are the same model with hardly any physical diversity – except for the bosses, of course. Some enemies that you find as you explore work a little differently, but again, the models for them end up repeating too. It’s not a major no-no, but I’d prefer the abundance of aggravated NPCs to have a range of appearances at least. It pulled me out of the experience often, sadly.

What I did like about the combat was the ability to switch between the orbs of Sable and Celia. These extra abilities allow you to deal damage from a distance, as well as unleashing a charged attack that certainly packs a punch. The overall character progression to improve your abilities and stats is also a welcome addition! While Tevi is a platformer, it excels best when it’s being an RPG.

As for the boss fights, I was pleasantly surprised – and impressed! The bosses aren’t just larger NPCs with a heftier amount of HP – they have unique mechanics that truly put you to the test. Dodging balls of fire, escaping laser beams, and avoiding the boss when they launch toward you are just some aspects you’ll see during these battles. While I find the general combat of fighting random mobs a little dull, the boss fights really do make up for it.

The Portrayal of Characters

image from tevi of the main character tevi on the beach holding a cold drink as the ocean, mountains and clouds sit in the distance, there are tables and chairs covered by umbrellas

My favourite thing about Tevi is the roster of characters. They all have their different quirks, and seeing them interact with each other is always entertaining – yes, I’m talking about Sable and Celia. The voice acting is stellar and the art for the character portraits manages to capture their personalities perfectly. I’m also a bit of a sucker for fantasy characters with elf ears and animal ears, so this one’s right up my alley.

The pixelated chibi sprites during the main bulk of the game are charming, complimenting the wide range of biomes that you can explore throughout the game. The variety of environments keeps you on your toes, and I’m thankful that the ability to teleport was included – otherwise I’d be getting even more lost than I already was.

I Think I’m Lost…

image of a boss fight from tevi, tevil and cecila are attacking the large boss which is some sort of alien inside a tank as it shoots out beams of light, there is a dark forest in the background with silhouettes of trees with no leaves, debris, and broken structures

I found the map a little difficult to navigate, but I’m putting that down to the fact that I’m used to platformer games that don’t rely on returning to certain areas later on for quests. I was more than happy when I realised that map markers were a thing, so I could at least keep tabs on where I needed to go for side quests. On the topic of quests, I always appreciate a game that takes you on a few tangents during side quests. The main story is always the best bit, but I like being able to divert and explore a little more whilst also getting extra dialogue and rewards.

So, after all that, do I recommend Tevi? Yes! As much as I complained about the combat, all of the other features in the game are worth experiencing. If you can ignore the slightly stale mob battles, you’re in for a treat with the boss fights and much more.

If you’re aren’t into platformers as a whole, Tevi might not be for you – it’s probably one of the more complicated entries in the genre out there, but it’s just about worth the effort.

The good

  • Great characters with fun personalities
  • Art style is lovely (including the pixel art!)
  • Boss fight mechanics are creative
  • Fantastic RPG features and character progression

The bad

  • Battling against random mobs felt a little lackluster
  • The map is difficult to navigate at times
  • Mob NPCs have repeating models, ruining the immersion slightly

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