Restaurant kits to make at home – Fuller’s Sunday Roast

By admin Jan 11, 2024

Making Fuller’s Sunday Roast

Enjoying the perfect Sunday roast at your favourite pub must surely be one of the weekend pleasures most missed during lockdown and here’s where restaurant kits can come into their own. Hotel and pub company Fuller’s has an occasional Fuller’s at Home Sunday Roast in a box, meaning you can enjoy a pub-style Sunday roast without having to traipse around the supermarket for hours first.

Restaurant kits have soared in popularity recently and while many are from Michelin-starred restaurants – such as top Lancashire hotel the Northcote and its Gourmet Box – it’s refreshing to see Fuller’s getting in on the act. While Fuller’s are suggesting that its Sunday Roast box is the perfect restaurant kit for Mother’s Day, even if you are not able to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mum then having someone else take most of the hard work out of making a meal for four or six is a reason in itself to give it a try.