Kingdom Management Sim ‘Yes, Your Grace’ is Coming to Mobile February 1st, Pre-Orders Open Now – TouchArcade

By admin Jan 11, 2024

Following its initial launch and warm reception on consoles and PCs back in 2020, the kingdom management simulation game Yes, Your Grace from developer Brave at Night and publisher No More Robots is now coming to mobile devices courtesy of the fine folks at Noodlecake Games. Yes, Your Grace has you playing as King Eryk of Davern who oversees the kingdom alongside his wife Queen Aurelea and their three daughters. You’ll manage day-to-day type tasks like helping out your citizens with their issues, managing your military, managing your finances, and much more. However there is also an overarching storyline that accompanies these tasks where you’re warding off neighboring kingdoms and also trying to have a son so you can have a successor to the throne. It’s like Bridgerton: The Game. Here’s a new trailer for the mobile version.

As mentioned Yes, Your Grace was well-received upon launch in 2020 after spending roughly 5 years in development, and it seems like the sort of game that will fit very well on the touchscreen. One of the original inspirations for the game was Papers, Please and you’ll find that many of your choices in the game are binary and will add up over the course of the entire game and will affect how things turn out in the overall storyline. Yes, Your Grace on mobile will be free to try with a $4.99 full game unlock IAP, and that price will be discounted to just $3.99 for the first week of its launch. The planned release date is February 1st and you can pre-order this one on the iOS App Store here and the Google Play Store here ahead of its launch.

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