I hope Elden Ring’s DLC turns out to be a roguelike

By admin Jan 11, 2024

I reached the Elden Ring exhaustion point a couple of years ago… and I still don’t think I’ve climbed out of my slump. Yes, I gave the game a Bestest Best badge that I stand by, but I also think it’s one of FromSoftware’s most taxing soulslike creations. It’s so colossal that, by the end of my adventure, I’d had enough of the umpteenth boss. I wanted rid.

With talk of Elden Ring‘s Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC spinning up as 2024 begins, I’ve assessed my feelings and come to the conclusion that I’m not as excited as I would’ve been had the game and its DLC somehow existed a few years ago. To be honest with you, part of me hopes it just ends up being a roguelike. That way I might actually get into it.

By admin

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