Shadow Master King Legacy Guide – How To Get The Twilight Orb

By admin Jan 10, 2024
Feature image for our King Legacy Shadow Master guide. It shows a screen shot of a view inside a mansion arena, the Shadow Master boss, a humanoid in dark clothes, stood in the center.

Want to summon the big blue monster? Want the sought-after Twilight Orb? Or maybe got a quest that you have no idea how to finish? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Our Shadow Master King Legacy guide goes over what you need to know about the boss, where to find him, and why you might want to seek him out for yourself.

King Legacy is a Roblox game inspired by One Piece, and lets you live out your own pirate fantasy in an open sea. Train up your levels and complete quests for money and experience. Get your own ship and pull together a crew to sail out and explore. You can even consume one of the mythical devil fruits to gain supernatural powers.

Check out the Roblox page for more info! Want more King Legacy? Try our King Legacy codes guide.

Shadow Master King Legacy Guide

Here we’ll try and cover what you need to know.

About The Shadow Master

The Shadow Master is a Level 1600 boss monster. He’s a target of the Tomb Invader quest. He also has a chance to drop the Twilight Orb, a rare item you can use on Zombie Island to summon up the Monster raid boss, should you choose to.

Shadow Master Location

Shadow Master can be found on Zombie Island (the King Legacy equivalent of Thriller Bark). You can reach Zombie Island by sailing south from the starting island. It’s easily recognizable due to the high walls all around it.

Sail and dock at Zombie Island and head through the gap in the walls, across the grounds, and into the large mansion at the center of the island. You can find Shadow Master inside. He will become aggressive if you get too close, so be ready for a fight when you approach.

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