SAii Lagoon, Hilton Curio Collection, Maldives

By admin Jan 10, 2024

We look at Lobby & Check in a little bit differently in the Maldives, where your check in actually start upon arrival at the airport. We were arriving from the neighboring Hard Rock, so our experience was a bit different- however, if you’re interested, check out our Hard Rock review as the arrival experience is the same.

One note about getting to the hotel, the only way to get to the hotel, despite being just a short boating distance away, is via a $148 per person ferry ride ($74 for kids). While this is fairly steep for a quick ride, that’s really just part of the deal when you travel to the Maldives.

We were taken from the lobby of the Hard Rock straight over the bridge to the connecting SAii Lagoon property and immediately greeted with non-alcoholic welcome drinks and a straightforward check-in process. The lobby is stunning and very indicative of the rest of the property: quirky, cute and very unique.

The property has mobile app that guests can use to see activities, ask for items to be brought to the room and request reservations, etc. We were given a full tour of the app before the final piece of check in occurred: a very cool and unique amenity testing. SAii Lagoon offers guests a chance to pick their own bath product scents. Behind the lobby is a small “MIY” (mix it yourself) station where you can select your fragrance. Your chosen products will be sent to your room following check in. It was a fun experience that was very unique.

After choosing our Frangipani fragrance, we were brought to our overwater villa via buggy.

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