Cult Of The Lamb’s so-called sex update will launch January 16th

By admin Jan 10, 2024

Cult Of The Lamb‘s Sins Of The Flesh update promised to allow your followers to breed, in a way, by finding an egg that would hatch and produce new potential cult members. Players of the action-RPG/management hybrid on social media quickly did what people on social media do: demanded that they add sex.

Its developers said they would and now we get to see what that means when the update launches on January 16th.

A release date trailer for the Sins Of The Flesh update.

Sex aside, the update is substantial. It introduces new progression systems to make managing your cult more complex, including a revamp of follower levelling and introducing an “inner circle of Disciples,” whatever that means. The update also adds new items and buildings for advancing your cultists’ home turf, including an upgrradeable broom for faster chore completion, shiny pools that can yield more fruitful crops, and a new tier for certain structures such as the Janitor station.

Combat hasn’t been left untouched either, as a new Blunderbuss weapon is being added that does big damage in close quarters but can be charged with a heavy attack to snipe enemies from afar.

Cult Of The Lamb’s mixture of hack-and-slash combat, peep management and crafting progression was already a winner at release, as Ollie explained in his Cult Of The Lamb review. It has been substantially expanded since then, however, with a combat update last year going so far as to add alternate fire modes to every single weapon in the game.

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