Corsair’s RM1000x Shift PSU is £50 off refurbished from Scan

By admin Jan 10, 2024

Corsair’s RM1000x Shift power supply is quite a tempting one for any PC build, providing 1000W of power at 80+ Gold efficiency – but the best feature here is its conveniently reachable side-mounted connector placement. Corsair charges a premium for this feature, with the PSU normally going for £160, but today you can pick up a refurbished unit from Scan in the UK for just £110. That’s a sizeable savings and well worth considering.

As you’d expect, this placement suits some cases more than others, as extremely cramped cases with no room on the side of the PSU won’t accommodate the cables necessary – but dual-chamber designs where there’s more room between the PSU and the side panel are perfect for this style.

I recently built a PC in NZXT’s excellent H6 Flow case, which is in this dual-chamber style, and plugging things into the (normally-oriented) PSU connectors was by far the most annoying part of the whole build – as you’re still having to kind of push connectors in one at a time, often without being able to see what you’re pushing into. It’s not a huge hassle considered across the lifetime of your PC, but given that this PSU isn’t much more than a regular option, I’d say it’s worth the upgrade to have a nicer build experience!

As well as the side-mounted connectors, you also get all of the modern conveniences including PCIe 5.0 support (ie being able to directly connect to the special Nvidia RTX 40-series power connector without the need for an adapter). The PSU also meets more stringent testing standards from Cybenetics with Gold and A ratings, gets solid reviews and supports a zero-RPM silent mode at low load levels – nice.

By admin

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