Clover Retribution Dungeon 1: Capital Siege Guide

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Dungeon crawling and need a hand dungeon slaying? Sorry that was bad, but anyway this Clover Retribution Dungeon 1: Capital Siege guide has everything you need to know! We include the lore behind this dungeon raid as well as encounters and loot!

Clover Retribution is a Roblox RPG that takes you into the world of Black Clover, the hit manga and anime. You get your very own grimoire, and a whole world to explore, with action combat, spells, and all kinds of quests. You might be one of a host of fantasy creatures.. or a humble human. Either way, there’s plenty to do.

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Clover Retribution Dungeon 1: Capital Siege

We have broken this guide up into sections for clarity.

What Is The Capital Siege

The Capital Siege is the first and currently only dungeon within Clover Retribution. This dungeon pits you against an undead army of varying zombies each with unique fighting skills and stats.

The goal is to breeze through the dungeon floors to reach the final boss and take him out before he has the chance to pillage the streets of Clover Capital City. You can access this dungeon through the Dungeon 1 Examiner.


Magic Meteors are one of the obstacles you may face within the dungeon raid. This spell when cast will summon a large meteor to slam into the ground causing AoE damage and breakage of the surrounding map area.

You can use this as a way to bypass obstacles if an entrance is ever blocked when dungeon crawling!


There is a quest you can get which prompts a visit to the dungeon. The Magic Knight NPC will ask for you to destroy or seal 8 Zombiefied Clover Knights / Zombiefied Civilians within the dungeon. Upon completion, you’ll be awarded a varying amount of XP and Gold.


There are three main types of enemies you’ll face in this undead raid which are the following with their drops:

Civilians Zombiefied

  • DMG Type: Bludgeoning
  • Drops: +21 XP, +21 Magic / Weapon Mastery

Clover Knights Zombiefied

  • DMG Type: Piercing Damage
  • Drops: +105 XP, +99 Magic / Weapon Mastery

Clover Lietuneant Zombiefied

  • DMG Type: Piercing Damage
  • Drops: +472 XP, +420 Magic / Weapon Mastery

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