Anime Spirits Codes – Free Gems, Spins and More! (January 2024)

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Need a boost or just after scavenging some freebies? We have compiled all the Anime Spirits Codes in this guide for you to redeem!

Anime Spirits is a Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from – surprise, surprise – One Piece. However, the title has been known to invite crossovers with other great franchises such as Jujutsu Kaisen! You create a character and explore a world, seeking monsters to defeat and levelling up to improve your power. Plus, you can also collect new weapons and souls, which grant you new abilities to help you out.

You can play Anime Spirits on Roblox via Google Play. We have also put together a list of Anime Spirits weapons.

Anime Spirits Codes

We last scavenged for codes on January 10th, 2024. This code guide was created on January 10th, 2024.

Active Codes

Be sure to redeem these before they expire! We didn’t include an expired code section since that isn’t useful to you. So don’t be surprised if codes are added and removed from this guide from time to time as we flush out the expired ones.

If a code doesn’t work feel free to let us know in the comments as it simply means it has expired and we haven’t noticed to move it off our list yet!

  • YUTOUPDATE – x500 Gems (New)
  • CURSEDFINGER – Free Finger (New)
  • MYTHICALSAKUNO – x5 Race/Perk Spins and x200 Gems
  • TRADING – x2 Race/Perk Spins
  • SANTASGIFT – x10 Race/Perk Spins
  • NPCFIXES – x5 Race/Perk Spins and x200 Gems
  • EVENMOREFIXES – x5 Race/Perk Spins and x200 Gems
  • MOREFIXES – x2 EXP for 15 Minutes
  • CHRISTMASPART1 – x5 Race/Perk Spins
  • ITADORUUPDATE – x500 Gems
  • GOJOHUPDATE – x3 Race/Perk Spins
  • FREESOUL – Free Soul
  • UPDATE2 – x3 Race/Perk Spins
  • 10KLIKES – x2 EXP for 30 minutes and x10 Race/Perk Spins
  • UPDATE1 – x150 Gems
  • 500KVISITS – x100 Gems

How To Redeem

  • Launch Anime Spirits via Roblox
  • Select Menu from the game screen on the left-hand side
  • Press the Codes button option from the pop-up menu
  • Input the code and hit redeem!

Where To Get More Codes

You can always rely on us to keep updating this guide with fresh codes as and when they drop, or you can keep up to date with the game through Discord and Twitter! We recommend both really, since servers and socials tend to get a bit hectic so you could still miss out on code drops. So please be sure to bookmark this page and check back soon for the latest freebies!

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