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By admin Jan 9, 2024

Trying to find the best Roblox horror games to play? There are tons of experiences on Roblox, but it can be difficult when trying to find the ones worth your time – especially when it comes to the horror genre We’ve rounded up our favourite Roblox horror games to play right now to help you find a bounty of new frights!

Best Roblox Horror Games

Let’s take a look at our current favourite Roblox Horror games!

Short Creepy Stories

image from short creepy stories of a convenience store that glows at night time, while a van parks outside, the street is barely lit

We can’t make a Roblox Horror games feature without mentioning Short Creepy Stories. This game is arguably one of the best and most popular experiences on the platform – and it gets regular updates! With new upcoming stories, including seasonal events, there’s always something to go back for.

Whether you want to play each level solo or in a group, Short Creepy Stories takes you through a variety of chilling tales. Plus, the graphics look fantastic. The sound design is great, the enemies are terrifying, and there’s even more to come – what’s not to love?


promo image for nightlight, there is a roblox character wearing a backwards cap while hiding behind a wall holding a lit candle, there is a humanoid monster walking towards them in a dark hallway

The main goal of Nightlight is to get out of a stranger’s house in the middle of a forest. This stranger seemed nice at first, offering up a place to stay for the night. However, something isn’t quite right about this situation. You can choose to work solo or with other players as you search through the house for 8 notes that spell out the word ‘Selfish’.

Sounds easy, right? Well, you’ve also got to make sure your candle is lit at all times by finding matches. If your candle goes out, and you stand in the dark for too long… let’s just say the creature thrives in the darkness.


promo image for blair, with two roblox characters walking down a hallway as a tall monster follows them, there are hand prints and scratches on the wall, as a roblox character lays unconcious on the ground, there is also a lit jack o lantern on the floor by a wall, the roblox characters are all holding ghost hunting equipment as well as face masks

If you’re a fan of Phasmophobia, then you’ll be glad to know that Blair is basically the Roblox version! You play as a ghost hunter (solo or with up to 3 other people), and you’re tasked with working out which type of ghost is haunting the property (sounds just like Phasmophobia, right?).

With 12 different ghosts to choose from and encounter, you need to find specific pieces of evidence that point toward which ghost it is to successfully complete the mission. Oh, and don’t forget, the ghosts aren’t happy that you’re there…

The Intruder

promo image for the intruder, with two of the game's entities staring at the viewer through the camera, there is camera static across the image as both characters have wide eyes, while the character on the right has a long mouth with teeth, there is text at the top that reads 'watch their every move'

Ever imagined a mixture of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Dead by Daylight, and the Mandela Catalogue? Well, that’s what you get in The Intruder. It’s an incredibly eerie game, that focuses on mechanics similar to FNAF and even has a level inspired by DBD. It’s got a great amount of variety and scares – plus, the model for ‘the intruder’ is very unsettling, which really adds to the horror!

The Intruder is a unique take on the core features of FNAF but with a unique twist that doesn’t disappoint.

Forgotten Memories

promo image for forgotten memories, the image shows freddy fazbear's pizzeria with a neon sign with a few broken lights, there is a parked car outside as well as a bonfire, the game's logo is to the side with the logo for PC, mobile and xbox down below

Forgotten Memories is one of the best Five Nights at Freddy’s spin-offs on Roblox. It’s more or less a faithful recreation of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, as well as the animatronics that we’re all familiar with. However, instead of being confined to the security room while staring at cameras, you need to explore the restaurant!

As you walk around the pizzeria, you’ll come across the not-so-friendly animatronics – and they’re not exactly friendly. The main point of the game is to find out what exactly is going wrong at Freddy Fazbear’s restaurant, and why it was abandoned in the first place. Wander through dark corridors, use your flashlight when possible, and avoid the creaks and mechanical whirs that lurk in the shadows.

Color or Die

promo image for color or die, with a drawing of a roblox character holding a paint bucket filled with blue paint as they hide against a blue section of the wall, each section of the wall is a different colour, as a tall monster walks down the hallway

Color or Die has a really cool premise, and it pays off! Scary and challenging, this horror game requires quick thinking and a lot of hiding. Depending on the colour of your paint bucket, you can only hide in front of the walls that match the paint.

However, to progress through the game, you’ll need to pick up paint buckets with new colours. Oh, and there’s also a variety of doors to open and items that need to be found. Keep note of which walls you can hide in front of when holding a new paint bucket – if you hear an ominous noise, it’s time to hide!


image from peta peta of a dark room that is hardly lit, the room is inside a traditional japanese building, with an old wardrobe to the left, and a small table against the wall at the back, with two floor mats where people can sit, the walls are dirty, which can be seen due to the small amount of light coming out of the flashlight

Last but not least, PETAPETA is a game inspired by Japanese horror – one of my favourite genres! It ticks all the boxes of J-Horror, making it one of the most effective experiences on Roblox. As the player, you stroll and cower through the rooms of a traditional Japanese hotel that doesn’t seem to have had any visitors in recent years. There’s also a looming fear of dread as your flashlight hardly casts a shine over the walls – don’t always believe what you see in the shadows…

There’s a terrifying entity hunting you throughout your time in the building, as the hotel starts to slowly feel like it’s a neverending loop of hallways and doors. Explore the hauntingly quiet building to find clues and solve the mystery of PETAPETA.

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