Persona 3 Reload’s Opening Movie Includes A Brand New Song And You Can Watch It Right Now

Persona 3 Reload is right around the corner – it hits PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on February 2. If you’ve ever played a Persona game, you’re likely familiar with the “opening movie,” which is the awesome animated opening to the game set to what is typically the main theme song. Ahead of Persona 3 Reload’s release next month, Atlus has released its opening movie, debuting a brand new track called “Full Moon Full Life.” 

In it, we get a look at the main character and the rest of the cast, as well as Persona, Igor, and more. As you might expect, the opening movie retains the flashy and stylish animation Persona has become known for over the years, and no surprise, it looks great. Atlus notes the trailer contains violent and sensitive content, however, so be wary of that before pressing play. 

Check out the Persona 3 Reload opening movie for yourself below

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