Celebrate UNO Mobile Fifth Anniversary With Special Cards

By admin Jan 7, 2024
Featured Image for our news on UNO! Mobile Fifth Anniversary. It features animated people holding UNO cards and a purple car carrying a big 5th anniversary cake.

UNO! Mobile is throwing a virtual celebration party for its fifth anniversary with the Anniversary Carnival. The celebrations started on December 29 last year but the best part has just kicked in this week. The carnival will run until February 28th, so follow along as we break down all the details of UNO Mobile Fifth Anniversary.

Enjoy A Day At The Amusement Park

Take part in the Card Carnival Collection event and snag amusement park-themed cards and a special two-sided deck. If you complete all the missions in this event, then score a cool anniversary-themed deck. They’re also bringing back some old favourites during the celebration. Some of them include Fantástica Day of the Dead Collection and the cute Cat Card Collection. It’s available for a limited time, though, so grab them while you can. Catch a glimpse of the UNO Mobile Fifth Anniversary Carnival below!

There’s A Special Anniversary Shop!

Yes, and it’s open until January 28th only. The UNO Mobile Fifth Anniversary Shop has a bunch of cool in-game decorations, like special card effects and avatar frames. You can grab these goodies by logging in daily and playing some UNO! Mobile matches with your pals.

UNO! Mobile is also adding some personalization to make the game more appealing. There’s this new thing called the 5-Year Memories feature. You can think of it like a report card for your UNO! Mobile journey, showing off all your achievements. Plus, you get a special title that matches your playing style.

Mattel163 launched UNO Mobile five years ago on Android and iOS. Currently, there are over 300 million players worldwide. Apparently, they’ve got more cool updates in the pipeline. Don’t have UNO! Mobile on your phone? Come on! Get the game from the Google Play Store already.

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